20 signs of aging

Do you have any of these 20 signs of aging?


Let’s take a minute to talk about aging. We know graying hair and wrinkles are expected, but what else?

🤔 Did you know that aging can also affect your immune system, digestion, and sexual wellness?

Some signs of aging begin as early as our 30s (like fine lines), while others may not become apparent until our 50s, 60s, or later (like thinning bones). 

How many of these 20 signs of aging are you starting to notice?

🔹Fine lines and wrinkles

🔹Dry skin

🔹Blotchy skin or age spots

🔹Sagging skin

🔹Graying hair

🔹Thinning bones

🔹Decrease in height

🔹Stooped posture

🔹Decreased muscle mass

🔹Weakening grip

🔹Aching joints

🔹Stiff joints


🔹Urinary Leakage

🔹Decreased Libido

🔹Difficulty reading small print

🔹Trouble hearing in a crowded room

🔹Memory lapses

🔹Slowing of thought

🔹Trouble multitasking


Nobody can avoid aging, but there are plenty of things we can do to minimize the effects and age with grace! 

👀 Watch for my upcoming posts where I’ll be sharing insider tips for healthy aging—so you can stay active, happy, and vibrant no matter how many candles are on your next birthday cake. 


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