Do you have access to a sauna? 

If yes, then listen up. 

🔥 Because a new study has found that routine sauna use after exercise is superior to exercise alone when it comes to major cardiovascular risk factors 🔥 The study (published in the American Journal of Physiology 2022) involved adults who were relatively sedentary and had at least one cardiovascular risk factor (like high blood pressure or cholesterol). 

Participants were randomized into 3 groups:

1️⃣ No intervention (control)

2️⃣ Exercise only (50 minutes 3 times a week, consisting of 20 minutes of resistance training followed by 30 minutes of cardio)

3️⃣ Exercise plus sauna (15 minutes of sauna after each exercise session)

After 8 weeks, exercise improved cardiorespiratory fitness and body composition (no big surprise there)…

But the addition of sauna after exercise led to greater improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness, systolic blood pressure, and total cholesterol levels ✅ 

The study was conducted in Finland and followed a traditional Finnish style of sauna bathing, like this:

🔸 The temperature of the sauna started at 65°C (150°F) and was increased by 5°C every 2 weeks

🔸 The humidity of the sauna was between 10% and 20%


Sauna has long been used to promote sweating, circulation, and detoxification. It’s simple to add into your routine—especially if you already go to a gym that has a sauna available! 

I’d love to hear from you in the comments: have you made sauna bathing a habit? ⤵️



Lee E, Kolunsarka I, Kostensalo J et al. Effects of regular sauna bathing in conjunction with exercise on cardiovascular function: a multi-arm, randomized controlled trial. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2022. [link]