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Feeling torn between naturopathic and conventional medicines?

If you’ve seen a doctor who will only prescribe medications–or a natural healer who lacks deep medical knowledge—you may feel torn between conflicting advice.

Most people don’t need just one model of medicine. They need a balance of both and that which is best for them at that moment, whether it be with a traditional or naturopathic doctor.

I’m here to tell you that you no longer have to choose.

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About Doc Sandford

I’m Dr Adam Sandford, and I’m so glad you’ve found me. I believe that any tool in medicine is valid—from nutrition to herbs to medications. Whether you’re wanting to optimize your performance or live with vibrant health despite a chronic illness, I’m here for you.

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California-Licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND)

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Experienced in both naturopathic medicine and pharmaceutical prescribing

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Helped over 1000 patients

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100+ 5-star reviews


Specializing in these areas and more.


Chances are—your symptoms of IBS or other gut problems are not in your head. Get to the root cause and recover healthy digestion for good.


With a choice of natural and pharmaceutical options, you can achieve hormone balance and peak performance at any age.


Take control of your energy and life with a combination of naturopathic protocols and medications like Armour or custom-compounded T4 & T3.


Comprehensive testing provides solid data to guide a health-optimization plan for your energy, strength, and performance.


State-of-the-art functional lab tests and hard-to-get medicines (like Low Dose Naltrexone) provide solutions to your health you can find nowhere else.


Whether you’ve been told your tests are normal but still feel sick or are living with a chronic disease, naturopathic medicine promises the relief you deserve.


An approach that is as unique as you are.

Your health care should revolve around you. It should get to the underlying cause and help you achieve lasting results. This is how I approach patient care and my promise to you.

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Comprehensive Testing

Routine and specialty lab tests provide data to guide medical decisions. When interpreted correctly, they reveal subtle patterns that explain the root cause of your symptoms. Forget normal. You’ll learn what numbers are optimal for you and your body.

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Careful Evaluation

The best medical decisions are based not only on labs but also on symptoms and your story. I will consider all of these with care and expertise. I will analyze outside of the box and leave no stone unturned.

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Uncensored Guidance

All options are on the table when it comes to your health plan—from nutrition and herbs to pharmaceutical prescriptions. You’ve finally found a doctor who will disregard the norm to put you in control of the choices for your body and your health

Dr Adam is the bees knees. If only I could put into words how grateful I am for him. He's helped me so much over the years. There's a solution for whatever it is you're facing and rest assured that he will find it. Dr Sandford is so knowledgeable, always on top of the latest, and he's SO KIND. I always leave feeling better and ready to take on any health challenge. Thank you Dr Sandford!

- RK


Finally a Dr who listens! All I can say is FINALLY!!....Dr Sandford is fantastic, it’s so nice to have a Dr actually spend time with you and he listens...sometimes I feel like I can just go in there and spew all the crap going on in my life and it feels good to get a response that "we will get you better". So I would say anyone who’s dealing with Hashimotos or other autoimmune problems to please go see Dr Sandford, you won’t be disappointed.

- LG


Dr. Adam is incredible. His experience allowed him to be able to see exactly what is in my gut that has been throwing a buuuunch of stuff off throughout my life. (Weight gain, hair growth, skin... etc). We have a plan set and I am confident that we’ll be able to get me healthy finally. He knows what he is talking about and won’t stop until he finds a solution. 10/10!

- CN


I have been searching for over 10 years, trying to find out what was the cause of a myriad of problems. Dr. Adam Sandford conducted many tests and zeroed in on conditions that have stymied my regular doctors. Including one that they should have caught early on. He and his staff have a marvelous, positive attitude. I am so lucky to have found him and this branch of medicine.

- JS

After becoming frustrated with the level of care from my current healthcare providers, I went looking for someone who would really listen to my concerns with an open mind and not just follow standard protocol dictated by insurance companies. I was so very blessed to find Dr. Sandford. He sent me home with a “wellness plan” and my energy level is already improving. It was refreshing to talk to a doctor genuinely interested in bringing me to optimal health and not just treating my symptoms!


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Myra AmmariMyra Ammari
22:54 16 May 23
Dr. Sandford is a rare gem in the medical field. His empathetic approach and genuine care has truly transformed my health. He paid close attention to my bloating and irregularity issues, taking the time to understand my concerns. Dr. Sanford's comprehensive knowledge and ability to explain complex concepts made me feel empowered and educated. Under his guidance, I followed a personalized treatment plan, resulting in the results I was looking for. My bloating has significantly reduced and I feel much more regular. Dr. Sandford goes above and beyond, providing ongoing support and creating a safe space for patients. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking a gut doctor who truly cares.
Max HertanMax Hertan
06:12 15 Nov 22
Fantastic doctor. I've spoken to 6 or so doctors so far in the journey of getting on top of my sleep and gut issues. Adam was on the money really quickly. His suggestions immediately has a positive impact on my fatigue and sleep issues. Highly recommended!
Rosanna TullioRosanna Tullio
22:30 21 Aug 21
I have been working with Dr. Sandford for a few months now and have found that his approach is very holistic, thorough, and empowering for me as a patient. More importantly, the results have been very positive! After starting treatment with him, I have felt better than I had felt in a long time. He patiently answers all my questions and responds to all my concerns. I am so grateful for the recommendation I received to see him and happily pass along the recommendation to anybody reading this review. Best wishes.
Christine SanchezChristine Sanchez
21:53 02 Aug 21
I have been struggling with health issues for 1.5 years. I have seen over 15 specialists and Drs trying to get some relief from thyroid issues that turned into digestive issues and chronic pain. Met with Dr. Sandford and he was very attentive, full of information and seemed to genuinely care about all that was going on for me which is hard to find with Drs. I felt very much in good hands and since starting with him have finally found relief from chronic pain, energy levels are improving and I am finally starting to feel like human again. Very knowledgeable, caring and overall wonderful Dr. Would highly recommend!
I've worked with Dr. S once to have him look into various medical issues I'm experiencing. He is thoughtful, a good listener, and doesn't take anything at face value. By that, I mean that, he wants to make sure he examines how things in your body may be related (or not) and find the root of the cause(s). I appreciate this holistic approach and have already seen benefits from some of the things he's recommended. I believe Dr. S to be very knowledgeable and I think he really does care for the well-being of his patients! I look forward to continuing to work with him.
Virmarie LopezVirmarie Lopez
20:48 21 Jan 21
Dr. Adam Sanford is an excellent, compassionate, and caring doctor, and I am lucky to have found him when I lived in LA. My husband and I have been under his care for a couple of years now, and he has truly changed our lives. He is very patient and caring and will listen attentively, and is never rushed. When I have an appointment with him, I feel like I'm calling a family member, he remembers everything you have discussed previously, and he makes you feel genuinely cared for. I feel heard and validated and never judged. He will listen and will always try to do what is best. He is very knowledgeable in both holistic and traditional medicine. He always tries holistic or a combination of holistic and conventional medicine until we reach the right balance. His focus is never about money or payments etc., and he doesn't request unnecessary appointments. He can be reached quite easily via email and is very quick to respond.
Stacy WaronkerStacy Waronker
00:38 30 Dec 20
Dr. Sandford has been the most pivotal piece of my health and healing journey. He is one of those doctors that anyone with autoimmunity issues could only dream of finding, as he's genuinely compassionate, has incredible bed side manner, and works insanely hard for his patients. He has an approach where he looks at every piece of the puzzle (including things that other doctors may not even consider) in order to see a full picture in regards to your health. Whereas some doctors know what they know and that's it, Dr. Sandford is constantly doing research and learning more in order to better serve his patients. I've had the good fortune of working with Dr. Sandford for nearly five years now, and can honestly say that I don't know where I would be health-wise had I not found him.
Donna M GrembowiczDonna M Grembowicz
03:34 13 Nov 20
Dr. Adam Sandford is THE doctor to go to. I started seeing Dr. Sanford last year, and for the first time in decades, I'm actually improving physically and mentally. Dr. Sandford is extremely knowledgeable and has offered a variety of successful treatments for my auto-immune disease. In fact, he was able to get me off of an extremely addictive medication that I have been taking for over 10 years. Just for that, I am beyond grateful to him. Dr. Sandford has also helped me with thyroid and hormonal issues. I actually look forward to my Zoom appoinments with him because I know how much he genuinely cares. He listens, is super thorough when reviewing my labs and treatment plan, and is just an email away if you have additional questions. I feel so blessed to have him taking care of me. If you want the best, go see Dr. Adam Sandford!


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Visit the office in El Segundo, California, where we serve the general Los Angeles Area, including Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Redondo Beach.

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You’ll receive lab requests that can be taken to any local lab near you. Some test kits are so simple that you can conveniently collect samples at home.


Forget the status quo

You no longer have to pave your own path by seeing multiple doctors with conflicting ideas on what is causing your symptoms. It’s time to take on your health the way you do everything else in your life—with a unique style and on your own terms.

You’ve finally found a partner in your health

When you work with me, you get candid advice on all of your health care options. I’ll partner with you, for who you are today and for who you want to become tomorrow.